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Effortlessly Navigate Uncertainty, Anxiousness, and Mental Health

Every individual is meant to create, experience, and emanate a healthy, vibrant, and purposeful life filled with immense love, joy, and peace. We are all engineered to do so. It is our innate human right.

Somewhere along our journey, we lose sight of who we truly are. We face overwhelming or traumatic challenges that seem insurmountable. Fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, and mediocrity set in. We end up cycling through endless self-judgments and tremendous stress.

Chronic stress leads to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease.

The good news is that we are all resilient energy beings. We can transform. We can heal and transcend the insurmountable challenges. It requires utilizing proven tools and strategies. The secret to creating a healthy, prosperous, and happy life sits within you.

Sujon guides people to find their answers. I inspire clients to follow their heart. I empower people to live the life they are meant to. I teach you how to Supercharge your life, Eliminate Stress, and Design your Unique Pathway.

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What Are People Saying About Sujon...

"Sujon is able to show you the science!"
Jill R.

"Sujon is fantastic"
Jen B.

"I recommend him to anyone and everyone"
James J.

"I felt a surge of energy...supercharged"
Ennia T.

Who Is Sujon Datta?

Meet Sujon!

Sujon is an accomplished international life architect, bioenergetic healer, and spiritual advisor with over 20 years of service. He has helped thousands of people discover their authentic path towards great joy, peace, success, vitality, wellbeing, and freedom. He ultimately discovered that authentic transformation and healing toward a fulfilling life requires us to have a healthy connection to our hearts.

He guides, empowers, and inspires people with his unique 3-prong holistic system that unifies mind, body, and spirit. Touted as an “Energy Healer to the Stars”, Sujon has helped people from all walks of life from celebrities to the homeless and everyone in between. 

Whether you have mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issues, Sujon will offer potent strategies and tools to overcome your challenges. His intuitive healing gifts have helped many release chronic health issues. Over the span of his professional career, he has done seminars, workshops, and unique programs to assist people realize their highest potential.

The Yogananda Factor

Sujon Datta is directly related to Paramahansa Yogananda, the Father of Yoga in the West. Yogananda brought yoga and meditation to the Americas in 1920 and has since been revered by millions around the world including Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, George Harrison, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, Elvis Presley, and Mariel Hemingway. Sujon incorporates Yogananda’s wisdom in his work that include self-realization, yoga, meditation, and breathwork exercises.

The Sujon Datta Process 

Sujon’s Healing Process is centered around self-realization, self-care, and self-honoring. Self-reflection brings about awareness of who we are, what we truly want to experience, and what is getting in our way. Applying potent energetic techniques based on the Universal Laws will bring about rapid resolve of our maladies and challenges.
He bridges Eastern philosophies with Western scientific breakthroughs to help guide people to their highest potential. In all his programs and sessions, the client is guided by:
• Answering foundational heartfelt questions to identify their core strengths and values
• Clarifying personal visions, goals, and intentions to design their unique authentic path
• Creating a sense of direction, meaning, and purpose
• Helping discover blocks, fears, and resistances getting in the way of their intentions
• Focusing on the lessons that life is gifting from our challenges
• Teaching powerful yogic techniques that enhance our consciousness
• Tracking their progress toward joyful, healthy manifestation
• Keeping them stay on track and accountable toward self-mastery
• Applying key energetic exercises to release blockages

Our lives are a reflection of what is going on within us. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions dictate what we experience in life. Many people live their lives unconsciously with habitual patterns. Sujon offers universal guidance to remove limiting belief systems and he helps access heart/soul-based truths. Healing isn’t something that happens to us; it’s something that happens within us.

Love More™

Sujon’s trademark motto is “Love More”. 

In all his guidance, he helps us realize the essential power of Love that sits within each one of us. It is what truly connects us to everything. 

We ultimately all want to love and be loved. To have an open heart before the world around us takes great trust, faith, and courage as we share ourselves without fear of hurt, attachment, or any demands of reciprocity. 

Love is what enhances our transformation, our healing, our journey to wholeness. When we open to authentic Love, we feel passionate, alive, magical, and transcendent. 

Love More is a conscious action to be more loving - towards ourselves and others. It’s a deliberate action where you are “doing” and “being” kind, respectful, compassionate, patient and uplifting. 

It is in the flow of giving and receiving Love that allow us to grow, expand, and create true abundance in our lives. Love is that transcendent power that releases our constrictions to the infinite possibilities. Realize that this mystical Force is a divine energy, always present, accessible, and flowing through everything.

The BioEnergetic Healer

Sujon is a certified international bio-energetic healer for over 20 years. He has assisted thousands of people from all walks of life in both face-to-face sessions as well as performing distant healing sessions via video conferencing. 

He can quickly assess the health of your energetic system utilizing his innate intuitive abilities along with potent and penetrating questioning. The overall vibration of our energy body (aura) is what we attract and experience into our lives - people, circumstances, health and manifestations - good or bad.

Touted as “Energy Healer to the Stars” and a “Healer’s healer”, Sujon utilizes his years of professional and personal experience to guide people away from their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues toward wellbeing. 

Sujon’s healings bring about improved health and vitality to the body, and a greater sense of peace and wellbeing in the mind, and an overall quality of life that uplifts the soul. It can also be an effective integrative healing aid to Western medicine. It’s the unification of Eastern with Western practices that will bring you harmony internally and externally.

“Change your energy, change your life.”
- Sujon

Energy Healing

Sujon implements a simple yet potent holistic healing system that is rooted from the well-tested Pranic Healing (created by Grand Master Kok Sui) practice as well as multiple ancient yogic techniques from the East. He works on your inner energy centers - a matrix of seven main chakras and a network of meridians.

In the Pranic healing process, there are two core principles:

· The body is a self-repairing entity with an innate ability to heal;
· The healing process accelerates when additional high vibrational life force is introduced to afflicted areas of our bodies

By using high vibrational Prana (Sanskrit for life force), you can harmonize and transform your energetic system and your current health and lifestyle. It’s this invisible mystical Force that keeps you alive and healthy. When you release internal energetic blocks, you can experience immense shifts in your life. 

You become aware of your problems and you discover real personal solutions. Sujon shares influential universal wisdom to guide you along your healing path. 

Sujon applies these high frequencies energies into affected areas to diffuse irregular patterns. After each session you are left with a powerful coherent life force that integrates your mind, body, and spirit.

Personal 1-on-1 SEssions

Change your energy, change your life with Personal One-on-one sessions

Initial Session lasts 1.5 hours:

First Half:
· We establish your expectations;
· Discuss your current physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual issues;
· Sujon scans and reads your energetic body
· Share discoveries and patterns
· Develop a plan of action that includes self-reflective questions, tools, strategies
Second half:
· Energy balancing of each of the chakras; Note this is a no-touch practice
· In chronic or more profound ailments; deeper and advanced techniques performed
· You simply sit, relax and follow any instructions from Sujon;
· Session ends with a peaceful, centered, and grounded state the end

Utilizing this path of energy healing will:
· Identify unconscious and damaging patterns in your life
· Discover a road map to your overall wellbeing
· Realize influential wisdom, tools and techniques toward homeostasis and joy
· Detox, heal, strengthen and balance to your mind, body, and spirit
· Tap into the infinite, powerful and restorative Prana, Life Force
· Quicken your awareness and get immediate results

1. Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a Medical Doctor and a Certified Pranic Healer.
2. Pranic Healers are not Medical Doctors, but Medical Doctors can be Pranic Healers.
3. Pranic Healers should not make Medical Diagnosis.
4. Pranic Healers should not prescribe Medications and/or Medical Treatments.
5. Pranic Healers should not interfere with the prescribed Medications and/or with Medical Treatments.
6. This Public Notice must be posted in all Pranic Healing Centers
Master Choa Kok Sui Founder of Modern Pranic Healing

Healing Party

"I am going to do this every year! Your healing party truly opened the hearts of my besties! I couldn't believe how my friends expressed their true feeling about Life.
Don't make assumptions - great advice. We are so much closer thanks to you. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. The discussion helped us understand more about how we are "vibrating". We can't thank you enough. I want to do this with my family! It was worth it ... just doing the Healing Meditation!"
- Delia P, Richmond Hill, ON

The Healing Party: A Gathering that Matters

Imagine creating a get-together that nurtures everyone’s Spirit - a ‘hang’ that cultivates meaningful, deeper, and loving connections. This is the Healing Party. Sujon leads your impactful gathering with uplifting and thought-provoking conversations. Originally created on a larger scale in Los Angeles in 2010, Sujon brings the Healing Party to your home. Your guests will leave feeling inspired, empowered, connected and loved.
Host your own unique ‘Healing Party’ in your home, office, special space
 (**now offering online zoom parties).

How it works:
• Choose a topic, theme, or intention
• Plan what apps, drinks, party favors you want (potluck is popular)
• Invite up to 12 people
• Connect with Sujon for date availability

During Healing Party
Sujon leads with a unique enlightening talk - 30 mins
Leads to thought-provoking questions encouraging a conscious group discussion - open, honest exchanges
Q&A period: Sujon answers any questions for guidance
After a break, a special Circle of Empowerment* exercise is started promoting raw yet deep bonding exchanges.
The party finishes off with a special healing meditation.
Your friends leave relaxed, connected, loved, and inspired.
In this friendship circle, everyone feels safe to share opinions/ask questions
A special circle of empowerment* exercise that promotes a deep connection, bond, support
A special healing meditation delivered by Sujon
Friends leave inspired, connected, loved, and relaxed.
*one of multiple types of engaging exercises
Book a Party that Connects! The Healing Party with Sujon. A Gathering that Matters.

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Let me sum up...

Whether through my courses, healing parties, or 1-on-1 sessions, you can have more happiness, joy, and  NOW.

Discover the Freedom that Already Sits Within You.
Change your Energy, Change Your Life

What Are People Saying About Sujon...

"He has made me a happier person."
Linda C.

"Sujon is a amazing energy healer"
Nancy M.

"After having a session with him
you feel amazing!
Johnny C.

"Sujon is really able to push your buttons"
L. Carp

"Sujon is the real deal"
Anne M.

"The best meditation of my life"

Playing Yogananda in Finding Happiness Movie

"The only book on my iPad"
Steve Jobs

"Like your tie, but Love your Vibe!”
Meeting Stedman Graham for first time

ON Aware RadioShow with Jack Canfield

"Love is"
With Matt Kahn

"You are the healer, I'm the facilitator"

"You’ve got some Yogananda in you!”
Lisa Garr, Host of The Aware Show

"It’s your time to share your gifts"
Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of Four Agreements

"With Coast to Coast AM Host
George Noory

"Pleasure to work on Yogananda’s Awake Film and knowing you"
-Michael Mollura

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