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The Session
Give yourself the Gift of Healing:
The "Internal Massage"

The First Session
First half:
  • We establish your expectations
  • We discuss your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments
  • While we talk, I am will read your energy
  • We share thoughts on your core issues, as well as surface problems
  • I will share with you what I discover
Second half:
  • I balance each of the chakras
  • If it is something chronic or deeper, we work on that  particular area and its associated chakra
  • You relax and breathe
  • You become centered, balanced, and healthy

This is a unique experience.  It will be unlike the work of any practitioner you have visited before.  I typically combine coaching and healing techniques to help you better address your core issues.

(I do offer sliding scales for those in need.  We can discuss your situation.)

Just Life Coaching

Single Session - $150
Monthly Package: 4 fifty-minute video/phone sessions with unlimited email correspondence - $400

Distance Healing

I am also able to conduct healings over the video messaging or phone. You will experience the same effects as if you were sitting right in front of me.

Single Session -
$175 US
Three Sessions - $500 US
Multi-session packages available.

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Just a few points:

  • Wear comfortable clothing;  avoid leather as it traps energy.
  • An open heart and mind will allow for a more successful session.  If you are closed, you will find our work less effective.
  • Many of my clients feel the energy as a tingling sensation, or perhaps warmth, or even heaviness in an affected area.
  • The session is tailored to your specifc needs.
  • Everything you share is confidential.
  • Each session is 1.5 hours.  It may run longer from time to time, especially during the first visit.
Cancellation Policy

  • If you cannot make it, please call, 24 hours before the scheduled time
  • If it is an emergency, I am flexible
  • If you are late, it cuts into your session time. I must respect the schedules of my other clients.
  • Missed appointments 50% fee for the first time
  • Consequent missed appts: full price 
Phone : 323-708-3126
Email: [email protected]