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The C.A.S.T Process

The C.A.S.T Process
Creative * Artistic * Self * Transformation

“Our aim is to create the life of a human spirit and then express it in a beautiful artistic form” - Stanislavski


An intimate workshop like no other acting/audition class.

After years of research and experience, Sujon has coupled core manifestation, healing principles and his knowledge of the Film/TV world as a creator, writer, and producer. The C.A.ST Process was created with the help of actors, producers, and casting directors in Hollywood.

As an Intuitive Coach and Healer, Sujon has guided many professionals to remove their blocks. With the CAST process, he helps remove the inner blocks that prevent you from booking more jobs.

roven methods for
booking more jobs in 8 simple steps

This powerful workshop was created for actors who have had issues with confidence in their audition process even after years of study. We discovered that Actors (people) are their own worst enemy. We take on the opinions of others and make them true for ourselves.

What if you could ...

  • get more auditions than you could even imagine?
  • nail every audition you ever got?
  • book that life-changing role?
  • convince your agent to send you out to more auditions?

You are now saying, “yeah, but, you don’t know my situation ...

  • I’m so critical of myself
  • I walk out of auditions kicking myself
  • I’m a nervous wreck when I audition
  • My family doesn’t support me
  • I work all day at a job that drains me and have no time to prepare
  • I’m not good enough
What is your unsupportive negative thought?

What if you didn’t have to get in your way?
What if you weren’t even aware that you had a “situation”?
What if you finally figured out how to present your best self in front of the decision makers?


Internationally Renowned Healer, Sujon Datta, is  stopping in various cities as part of their North American tour to teach their unique, exclusive master technique: The C.A.S.T. Process, for a limited amount of motivated, ambitious actors who want to change their lives and careers forever.

Never before, has there been a method that brings together the creative worlds of acting/auditioning with the foundation of Energetic Self-Transformation in one workshop…until now.

In this ground-breaking workshop, not only will it
change your life


- understand your blocks to a successful audition
- how to build confidence in their technique / abilities
- ways to always bring their best into every interview/audition process
- understand the manifestation process
- a sure fire way to get into the Zone by realizing their unique energetic signature
- the truth about the casting process
- and more..

…and much more….

Toronto : Sunday August 17th, 2014
Los Angeles : September 27th, 2014
New York : TBA

"The C.A.S.T Process changed the way I see myself as an actor. This was invaluable to me as it helped me show my talent. The acting classes were great, but this showed me the Energy I need to bring to any audition/job! Thank you so much!" - Jen, Toronto

"It was an eye-opener and very enlightening. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am doing the homework and it is fantastic. I feel unstoppable and the confidence shows. I am in a great place." - V.J. , Toronto

"I just booked 2 out of 4 jobs, this week! Thank you so much! It really has changed the way I approach my auditions! I can't tell enough, how I appreciate your talent as a healer! The CAST Process helped me release my biggest block, "I'm not good enough" " -  M.D, Toronto

"It was worth every penny I spent. This is the first time I have seen acting and principles of the Spirit being used. It was exactly what I wanted! When I saw that a healer was involved, I knew this was going to be groundbreaking." - C.C  Los Angeles

"I finally realized that I needed to be in the audition room, not some spastic, fearful actor who is being judged! I am a powerful actor! I booked my first role thanks to Sujon. A MUST!" - D.W New York

"Sujon really cares! He has a compassionate ear! I have been in the business for 10 years and he has helped me figure out my biggest block! ME!" - T.L LA

Toronto Special Workshop
Sunday August 17th, 2014 @ 10am
Email: [email protected]
Enroll here!

Discount Before Aug 9th, 2014 - $249
After Aug 10th - $349

CAST Process Toronto