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"Sujon is a masterful healer.  Just being around him you feel his compassion and unconditional love.  You simply look into his eyes and you feel the real deal.  My heart is finally open after 20 years of sheer imprisonment.  I love you, Sujon." - Marilyn R.

"How many healers actually take the time to listen to you and explain how everything works?  He gets to the root of the problem, and the homework that he assigns makes a difference.  I do my affirmations and mantras everyday.  Find out why Sujon is a fantastic healer!" - Cheryl Solberg, IL

"Forget the massage!  You won't need one.  My shoulders have been stiff for years.  Two minutes of healing on my shoulders, a clearing of my throat chakra, and the blissful sound of his voice to my truth, my heart, and my soul, and I feel alive.  I feel light.  I feel love.  Thanks Sujon!" - Victoria

"'Laughing is the same button as crying!' says Sujon.  I have been so wrapped up in my head about my problems that I forgot my sense of humor.  Go figure... I'm a comedian.  Sujon pushed all the right buttons and I am laughing all the way to the bank.  My career, relationship, and life have taken a turn which I will forever credit to Sujon." - S. Love, Orange County, CA

"'Ahem Prema,' means 'I am Divine Love.'  This is a mantra that I have been saying everyday.  Sujon introduced me to this mantra and my daily meditation.  He has taught so many insightful lessons.  He is a wonderful, loving coach.  He really takes time to listen, unlike the therapist I had for 3 years.  I wasn't just another 45-minute session to him.  He cares and he has opened the door to an amazing new life." - Carrie, CA

"The Secret?  Five powerful sessions with Sujon.  That's all you will need to get you on your path!" - Ian Searle

  A grateful email from Mike Perlin, LA:

"Sujon gave me back my happiness when no one else could.   He is one of the most amazing healers I have ever had.  I'm going to put this simply: I went to Sujon after experiencing an unrequited love and then a betrayal from a close friend who I loved and trusted.  I fell deep into the darkest night of my soul and did not know how to come out of it.  I went to psychologists, energy healers, Reiki masters,  Mom and Dad, spiritual healers, and hypnotherapists.  I even went to Egypt and took a beautiful cruise down the Nile but nothing seemed to bring back my happiness.  It felt as if I had lost a part of me, and I didn't know how to get it back.   I decided to see Sujon after a series of mysterious encounters where he kept showing up in the most random places.  He told me to see him and I kept putting it off.  When I returned from Egypt I finally went to see him. 

Sujon immediately took a look at me and could see the root of the problem.  Before he even started on the healing we had a very nice conversation about my problem.   We discussed what was important to me and why I was not healing.  Sujon told me something that no other professional had thought about.   It was so simple.  He said,  "You have to call your friend who betrayed you and  talk to him.   Sujon was right.  I was so afraid to call him because I was so angry, and my anger was causing everything to shut down; my creativity was shut down, my relationships, my life and my happiness.   Sujon made me realize that I was only hurting myself--and no one else--by not taking action now, and doing what it takes to release all the layers of anger, fear and grief that I had taken on.  I wasn't quite ready to take his advice but I told him I would think about it.   Sujon proceeded with the healing using divine assistance and the Great Spiritual Masters, including his great-grand uncle Paramahansa Yogananda.  Together we cleared many layers of sadness that I was holding on to from the relationships in my life.  We took care of anyone and everyone that was causing me pain. 

The seed was already planted and it took me two weeks to take action.  I called my ex-friend and talked to him.  He admitted to his wrong-doing and I found out that he never even had any dealings with the girl after our separation.  I told him I still loved him and put the water under the bridge.   I was holding so much darkness for 6 months, and these layers of evil all bundled up together and left me all at once.  The sadness was lifted once and for all, and I am happy once again.  I love myself once again and I can move on with my life and put it all behind me.  I realized something huge from this whole experience.  I just mastered one of the major lessons I was supposed to learn in this incarnation on Earth.  Forgiveness!  Now, that's a healer!  Thank you Sujon." 

"Let Sujon help you.  He listens and acknowledges your uniqueness in a very loving way.  He will ask and direct powerful questions.  He holds your vision and empowers you to achieve your dreams!" - Tim R., LA

"Sujon made me feel at ease and I knew that I could trust him with all my issues.  He was non-judgmental and genuinely caring!  His intuitive process brought the heart of the issue to the surface right away.  His coaching and energy healing combination is potent.  I feel I can fly!  Amazing!"  -  Mike B.,  LA