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     As a gifted life coach, healer, writer, and speaker, Sujon's mantra is, "Open your heart to yourself." 

     He promotes the manifestation of love in all its aspects--Divine Love, Self Love, Love in Relationships, and Love for the World. 

     His powerful one-on-one sessions support each person on his or her unique path to a joyful and loving existence. Many seek Sujon's guidance to banish stress, physical ailments, unhealthy habits and energetic blocks.

     Enriched with his humanistic style and humor, his speaking engagements provide life-altering experiences for audience members.

     The quest for happiness and love is a journey that every conscious individual takes. Sujon's mission is to assist each individual in realizing his or her greatest potential.  He helps his clients find their way back to Love, the Authentic Self, and their personal Truth.

"You are the healer,

I am simply the facilitator of

light and love."

- Sujon

     Sujon's singular ability to combine intuitive healing and coaching makes him a powerful force for those seeking guidance with immediate results. Sujon would love to help you open your heart to yourself. 

Sujon is the Great-Grandnephew of Paramahansa Yogananda, the Father of Yoga in the West. He is related to the Master's eldest sister, Roma. Yogananda wrote the perennial bestseller, "Autobiography of a Yogi," and founded Self-Realization Fellowship.

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"Love is the light

that dissolves all walls

between souls, families and nations."

   - Paramahansa Yogananda

Phone: (323) 708-3126

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"Sujon has helped me in profound ways that I never thought were possible! His warmth, love, and energy for helping others is evident in his being. I have recommended him to everyone in my life! He will make a difference if you allow yourself to open your heart to changing your life! " - Nicole S., Actress & Producer


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